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Preamble Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch


Bavarian Minister for Science, Research and Art

Throughout the world, Bavaria is associated with biotechnology research at the highest level. This is largely due to our excellent universities and research institutions, which – on the basis of the great research conditions that can be found in Bavaria – have advanced this innovative research field. The Free State has supported them consistently in their efforts. Important instruments for this are programs such as the Bavarian Genome Research Network. It specifically promotes young first-class scientists, who deal with the challenges of modern genetics. With the network’s help, twelve independent research groups were established. The broad range of their topics reflects the activities around the globe in this competitive research area.


The main purpose of the projects is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches based on functional genomics. They systematically examine the functions, interactions and regulatory mechanisms of human genes and gene products.

The state funds for the Genome Research Network are well-invested as is proven by the high international reputation of Bavarian research as well as the rapid development of the biotechnology industry. On the following pages, you can find out more about the funded research projects, the structure of this unique network and its wide range of interesting events. Enjoy the virtual tour through the exciting world of functional genomics in Bavaria!


Munich, September 2011

Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch
Bavarian Minister for Sciences, Research and Arts