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Introduction by Dr. Thomas Goppel

Former Bavarian Minister for Science, Research and Art

Sed acta ne agamus, reliqua paremus.
(But let us not talk of that which has passed; let us think about the future)

After the decoding of the human genome in 2000, the importance of functional genome research as a key technology with its immense potential for scientific progress and economic growth has increased globally.

Functional genome research, and the scientific and economic perspectives arising from it, will greatly affect the industry and society of the 21st Century.

Recognizing this development, the Bavarian Government created the Bavarian Genome Research Network (BayGene).

Within this network, seven excellent research groups are being funded in Würzburg, Regensburg, Erlangen and Munich, to ensure that Bavaria can further expand its leading position in European functional genome research.

This only becomes possible if incentives are created for the best scientists available so as not to lose them to international research institutes. The Free State of Bavaria managed just this with the creation of BayGene. Due to the funding, various renowned German scientists still remain available to the universities together with their research projects. "Top-notch scientists enjoying excellent conditions" is the best way to describe BayGene. Research into the function of genes and proteins, as also into up-to-date methods of molecular analytics, will open up new possibilities for diagnosis and therapy of diseases. An efficient technology transfer secures rapid implementation of discoveries made in research.

The following homepage will take you into the world of BayGene, offering information on genome research in general, in-depth information on the various sub-projects of BayGene (including topics and possible applications) as well as the entire BayGene team. The informed "layman" will also find interesting and revealing information within.

Enjoy surfing!
Dr. Thomas Goppel